Office of the Fire Marshal

The Office of the Fire Marshal at the Alabaster Fire Department is dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of our community. Our team of experienced professionals plays a pivotal role in preventing fires, enforcing fire safety regulations, and responding to emergencies.

What We Do:

  • Fire Prevention: We work diligently to prevent fires before they happen. This includes conducting inspections, reviewing building plans, and educating the public about fire safety measures.

  • Code Enforcement: Our office enforces fire safety codes and regulations to minimize the risk of fire hazards. We collaborate with businesses, homeowners, and developers to ensure compliance.

  • Investigations: In the event of a fire, our Fire Marshals investigate its cause and origin, helping to determine if it was accidental or intentional. This crucial work contributes to fire prevention and public safety.

  • Community Education: We actively engage with the community, providing fire safety education to schools, businesses, and organizations. Our goal is to empower residents with the knowledge to protect themselves and their property.

The Office of the Fire Marshal is dedicated to preserving lives and property in Alabaster. We are committed to proactive fire prevention, code enforcement, and community engagement to ensure a safer and more resilient community for all.

The offices are located in the second floor of City Hall.