Communications & Records

Behind the scenes of the Alabaster Police Department, our dedicated civilian employees in the Communications Department and Records Division are the unsung heroes of public safety. They provide crucial support and serve as the backbone of our operations.

Communications Department:

  • Communications Clerks: Our clerks provide information, and assist citizens with a wide range of inquiries, helping to keep our community informed and connected. In addition to call-taking, our Communications Department also includes specialists who monitor surveillance cameras and license plate readers. This surveillance helps enhance public safety by providing real-time information to officers on the ground.

Records Division:

  • Records Clerks: Our records clerks are meticulous in maintaining accurate records of police activities, including incident reports, arrest records, and more. They ensure that information is readily available to authorized personnel and the public as needed.

Together, the Communications Department and Records Division serve as the essential link between law enforcement and the community, providing valuable services that contribute to the safety and well-being of Alabaster. Their dedication and professionalism keep our city informed and connected.