Alabaster Fast Forward

The Alabaster City Council voted on Feb. 27 to enact an additional 1-cent sales tax in the city to fund significant upgrades for Alabaster residents, including a new library, a new community recreation center and public safety enhancements. 

The move brings Alabaster in line with dozens of peer cities throughout central Alabama with similar sales tax rates. This is the first local sales tax increase in decades specifically funding capital projects in Alabaster. The sales tax rate in the city was previously 9 percent, with 5 percent going to the state and Shelby County and 1 percent earmarked for Alabaster City Schools. 

“This is completely to meet the needs and desires of our residents,” said Alabaster Mayor Scott Brakefield. “For years, Alabaster City Schools has been meeting the needs of young families in our community, and this will allow the city to follow suit. With this additional funding, we will be able to construct a new library and address numerous transportation, recreation, health safety and quality of life issues for our residents.” 

With the revenue generated by the additional penny in sales tax, Alabaster will fund a wide range of projects requested by the city’s residents. Dubbed the Alabaster Fast Forward program, the capital project campaign funded by the additional 1-cent sales tax will transform the city over the next few years. 

“Our population is growing and has been for quite some time. These projects will help Alabaster continue to be a destination community,” said Alabaster City Administrator Brian Binzer. “Our goal is to begin construction on the majority of these projects within the next two years.” 


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