The Municipal Court is the judicial branch of city government and interprets the meaning of laws, applies laws to individual cases, and ensures the protections of individual liberties.


The purpose of the Alabaster Municipal Court is to provide a fair, impartial and efficient process whereby city ordinance and misdemeanor complaints are adjudicated. It is our mission to provide the best quality service to the citizens of Alabaster and anyone who visits our City. We are always committed to “Doing the Right Thing for Every Person, Always”. 

Court Department Organization

The Court Department is comprised of several offices and divisions that support its ability to provide constitutionally mandated justice services. The Court Department includes 2 offices and 3 divisions. The Administrative Division, Office of the Clerk of Court, Magistrate Division, Corrections Division, and the Office of the City Prosecutor. Each division and office execute a different function; however, collectively works to address and provide relevant and effective justice services for the City of Alabaster's citizens and its visitors.

Administrative Division

The Administrative Division performs a wide range of information management, financial management and administrative functions related to municipal justice services. While the Court Department leads in the dispense of justice, the Administrative Division is the vehicle in which services are sourced and it aims to educate the community on justice services within the Court Department.

Office of the Clerk of Court

The Office of the Clerk of the Court properly processes, secures and houses all records originating from official court proceedings within the City of Alabaster. The Clerk of Court receives, records and remits all fines payed in conjunction with cases handled within the Municipal Court.

Magistrate Division

The Municipal Court Magistrates are independent judicial officer who expeditiously convene hearings in response to criminal complaints filed within the Office of the Clerk of Court. These hearings and proceedings involve matters of public safety and the preservation of defendant’s constitutional rights.

Corrections Division

The purpose of the Corrections Division is to facilitate and or coordinate the corrective action as ordered by the Court. This Division involves the consistent interaction with external organizations that purpose themselves, in some way, to serve the community. From time to time and as approved by the Court, these programs become available for defendant’s to successfully complete as ordered. Furthermore, The Corrections Division manages the probation of defendant’s who have been required to reintegrate within the community under court supervision.

Office of the City Prosecutor

While the Office of the City Prosecutor serves in a significantly different function than other divisions and offices within the Court Department, it currently falls under the auspice of the Court Department for the collaboration necessary in preparation of Court Dockets. The City Prosecutor manages the City of Alabaster’s Pre-trial Diversion Program while Deputy Court Clerks provide information to the general public regarding the program.