FAQ Answers

How Can I Plea Other Than Guilty to a Citation?

A: You must come to court on your court date and plea not guilty before the judge. The State of Alabama does not have a Nolo Contendere Law and will not accept pleas of Nolo. All fines paid by mail or in person to a Magistrate without going before a Judge are pled as guilty.

Uniform Non-Traffic Citation & Complaints

A Uniform Non-Traffic Citation and Complaint has been issued against you. If you have been charged with one of these offenses and have not been convicted of on or more offenses during the preceding 12 months and would like to plead guilty and pay the fine (and not appear in court), please mail or hand deliver your ticket (to be signed on the back - Plea of Guilty - Waiver of Rights, in front of a Magistrate) to the address on your citation. You may now pay by Credit/Debit card in the Magistrate Office, or pay by phone by calling: 205-683-4729.

Note: All fines and court costs are to be paid to the City of Alabaster, Alabama. If paying by mail, send a money order or a cashier's check payable to the City of Alabaster. Please sign and mail the Plea of Guilty (ticket) with your money order or cashier's check. Payment has to be received no later than 24 hours before the court date shown on the UTCC. You do not have to wait until your court date to pay the UTCC. However, you should call the Magistrate's Office to be sure that your charge does not require a court appearance. If you would like a trial on your charge, you should speak with the Prosecutor during court on your court date. This trial will be in the Auditorium at 1953 Municipal Way. The trial date will be set by the Prosecutor while you are in court. If you do not appear in court the date your trial is set, you may have to pay a substantially greater fine if found guilty of the offense charged or if guilty of failing to appear in court. Failing to appear will result in the issuance of a warrant for your arrest.

Charges Not Listed Below Require a Court Appearance!

  • Crossing Fire Hose (32-5A-59)
  • Driving Wrong Side Road (32 5, 1977)
  • Failure to Dim Headlights (32-5-242)(C)(1)
  • Failure to Maintain Single Lane of Traffic (32-5A-88)
  • Failure to Stop at RR Crossing (32-5A-150)
  • Failure to Use Child Restraint (32-5-222)
  • Failure to Yield Right of Way (32-5A-110)
  • Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle (32-5A-115)
  • Following Too Closely (32-5A-89)
  • Improper (Expired) Tag (32 6, 1965)
  • Improper Backing (32 5, 1972)/ (32-5A-51)
  • Improper Brakes (32-5-212)
  • Improper Lights (32-5-240)
  • Improper Muffler (32-5-216)
  • Improper or No Rear View Mirror (32-5-214)
  • Improper Passing (32-5A-84)
  • Improper Signal (32-5A-133)
  • Improper Tires (32-5-210)
  • Improper Turn (32-5A-133)
  • Improper Use of Clearly Indicated Divided Highway (32-5A-90)
  • Improper Window Tinting (32-5C-2)
  • Littering on Highway (32-5A-60)
  • No Helmet (Motorcycle rider) (32-5A-245)
  • No Passing Zone / Improper Passing (32-5A-86)
  • No Red or Orange Flag or Red Light or Amber Strobe (32-5-211)
  • One Way Street (32-5A-87)
  • Reasonable and Prudent Speed (32-5A-170)
  • Running Red Light (32-5A-31)
  • Running Stop Sign (32-5A-112)
  • Speeding (32-5A-171) 25 PMH or more over posted speed
  • Speeding (32-5A-171)LESS THAN 25 MPH over posted speed
  • Spilling Load (32 5, 1976)(a)
  • Stopping on Highway (32-5A-136)(a)
  • Switched Tag (32 8, 1986)
  • Unattended Motor Vehicle (32-5A-50)
Please call the Magistrate's Office at 205-664-6835 to find out the amount of your citation.