Clean Sweep 2016 - April 9th

Alabaster Clean Sweep 2016 started off big!
  • 76 volunteers
  • 33 bags of litter
  • 15.4 miles of roadway
  • 8 Police Officers
  • 1 AFD Shift Commander
  • 1 Parks/Rec Maintenance supervisor
  • Our public works department
  • A beautiful day

Clean Sweep Impact

It is hard to express how thankful the city is to have so many residents, with servants hearts, willing to take some time to help in our city wide Clean Sweep initiative. We want to educate and bring attention to our young children, youth and adults about the importance of not littering and for them to work hands on, picking up trash along our city streets, is very impactful for them personally and a great example, as many pass by, and see them working so hard! So many city employees helped to assure another safe year for all of the participants.

Amanda Pearce of the Alabaster Beautification Board and mom of 3 volunteers expressed her thankfulness for the officers, "They were just wonderful! We are so blessed as a city!" Amanda was one of the very first volunteers in the Clean Sweep 4 years ago and this year participated once again even though she is 8 months pregnant.


  • Chrissy Walsh and CVES Girl Scouts
  • Dr. Greg Egbert, Scoutmaster for Troop 220 from FUMC
  • Girl Scout Troops 146, 761, and 792
  • Heather Klinner and Maria Millington
  • Kim Lloyd and the MVES Boy Scouts
  • Michael Wilbanks and the TMS NJHS
  • Mrs. Longshore and TSGC Student Council
  • TMS Baseball Team