The City of Alabaster administers and self-collects the following taxes: Sales, Seller's Use, Consumer's Use, Rental, Lodging, Tobacco, and Gasoline.

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If your company has an established account with the City you may now file online with the State of Alabama Department of Revenue's Paperless Filing System! Use the link to the Alabama OneSpot system for online filing of taxes. The City of Alabaster locality code is 9413. To sign up you will need to add the City of Alabaster as one of your filing accounts. Your account number has remained the same.

Effective December 1, 2011, the sales and use tax rate is a total of 4% - 3% general and 1% for the Education Fund bring the total to 4%. Both of these lines must be completed to equal the 4%!

Returns are due by the 20th of each month for the preceding month. State rules are mirrored on definitions, exceptions, exemptions and deductions. For additional tax information please call 205-664-6844 or fax 205-664-6974.

Overview of City of Alabaster Taxes

  1. Consumer’s Use Tax

    Use tax is the counterpart of sales tax. Alabaster use tax applies to all tangible personal property purchased at retail that is used, stored or consumed in Alabaster, on which the vendor did not collect Alabaster tax at the time of purchase.

  2. Gasoline Tax

    The City of Alabaster levies a $0.02 per gallon tax on the sale of gasoline, diesel fuel and all other motor fuels for on-road use.

  3. Lodgings Tax

    Lodgings tax is a privilege tax levied on persons, firms, or corporations engaged in renting or furnishing rooms to transients.

  4. Rental / Leasing Tax

    Rental tax is a privilege tax levied on the lessor of tangible personal property. The tax is on the gross receipts (including any tax invoiced) from the rental or leasing of any tangible personal property subject to the rental tax.

  5. Sales Tax

    Sales tax is due on the sale of tangible personal property and is due from the consumer (customer). If a business is engaged in selling tangible personal property, they should add the tax to the sales invoice and collect the sales tax from the customer at the time of purchase.

  6. Seller's Use Tax

    If a business is located outside the City of Alabaster but makes sales that are delivered/shipped into Alabaster, it should charge the appropriate City of Alabaster seller’s use tax if it has nexus with the City of Alabaster.