Police Department

The City of Alabaster Police Department is located 20 miles south of Birmingham, Alabama and is considered by most to be part of the Greater Birmingham area. We have approximately 31,000 residents and serve them with a dedicated and well-trained staff of approximately 84 people.

As Chief of Police for the City of Alabaster, I want to welcome you to our website and give you insight into the Alabaster Police Department. We hope this site will be useful to you, and we are updating it regularly with helpful information.

Holiday Police

During the holiday season, APD will increase our presence at both the North and South Promenade by approximately 300%. Uniformed officers will be present conducting roaming patrols and foot patrols in an effort to ease the minds of shoppers and deter criminal activity. Uniformed officers will be on foot inside and outside of the businesses. We will also have the APD command post stationed in front of Walmart. This command post will be manned with a uniformed officer. Shoppers that need assistance or have any questions or concerns may come to the command post or signal any uniformed officer.

APD will also have non-uniformed officers working during the holidays. These officers will also be conducting roaming and foot patrols. Non-uniformed officers will be diligently working to curb any criminal activity inside the businesses and in the parking lots.

Seasonal Crime Increase

While criminal activity overall is generally rare in Alabaster, there is unfortunately a trend of increasing criminal activity during the holidays. APD will be taking a vigorous stance to proactively prevent and address any issues at the Promenade.

We value the funding priority our mayor and council place on making sure there are the resources to do our best at keeping these shopping areas as safe as possible.