Municipal Court

We Now Accept Debit/Credit Cards

For your convenience, you have 5 methods to pay:
  1. Online
  2. Pay by phone: 205-683-4729 (se habla español)
  3. Pay in person: See Magistrate
  4. Drop box: For after-hours payments
  5. By mail: Money Order or Cashier's Checks
There will be a 4.5% service fee assessed by a third party company for all debit/credit card transactions. The City of Alabaster receives no additional revenue from this fee.

There is a $25 minimum when paying by debit/credit card.

The purpose of the Alabaster Municipal Court is to handle misdemeanor cases - traffic and non-traffic, and parking tickets. Pertinent Information: Please note that we now have a drop box for after-hours payments, which is to the left of the front entrance into the Court side of the building. Please note that if you have a payment plan, you must pay the amount agreed upon by the Judge; otherwise payments are due in full. No Cash!! Money Orders or Certified Bank checks only are advised! We will mail back a receipt to the address on file.

Payment received by mail should be in the form of money order or a cashier's check. Payment must be in our office at least 24 hours prior to the court date on the ticket. Traffic tickets or non-traffic cases that are listed on the fines schedule can be paid at the window by the person that received the citation. If you are unclear about your court date or the amount of the fine, please call 205-664-6835 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday. If the case is not paid before your court date or you do not appear in court, a warrant of arrest will be issued and your driver license will be suspended.

Additional Information

ADC establishes the rate for copies. Current rate is $5 for 1-20 pages, and $.50 for each additional page. The rate for certification of copies is $5 extra, per page certified. Copies of public records require filling out a form, which is located in our office. Once filled out, it will then have to be approved by the Chief of Police or Mayor and returned to our office. You will then be contacted with further instructions. Please allow 48-72 hours for your request to be fulfilled.

The Municipal Court of Alabaster exercises jurisdiction over all prosecutions for violations of traffic offenses, municipal ordinances, and state misdemeanors adopted by our Code of Ordinances.

Court personnel consist of a part-time judge and prosecutor, plus 6 full-time magistrates. Court is held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, except for November and December. Contact court to find out specific dates for those months. There are 2 dockets called:
  • Morning court runs from 9 a.m. until Noon
  • Afternoon court runs from 2 p.m. until the docket is completed.
Court is held in the Auditorium at 1953 Municipal Way. Normal office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Trials are usually held the 1st Wednesday of each month. Certain charges (which are located on the back of all citations) may be paid in person to a court magistrate without appearing in court, if you would like to enter a plea of guilty. The court magistrates are not allowed to postpone or change a court date. However, if you have any other questions or concerns regarding the amount of a fine or your court date, please call our office at 205-664-6835.